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10 Weeks To Become A Better You!
Are you up for a Personal Challenge! Take the 10-Week Wellness Challenge at Training For Life USA with Steven Medina and his team! Our proven system will help you become a better you by building lean muscle to make you look and feel better than ever! Register today and reserve your spot in our "Spring Wellness Program!" (from September 12th to November 21st).

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Lose Inches, Lose Pounds & Build New Muscle!

Losing weight is never easy, but with a little bit of coaching from us, plus a specially designed workout and diet plan to meet your goals!

Our trained staff will show you step-by-step what to do in the gym, how often you should be doing it, and most important of all, what foods to eat and what foods to avoid.

Lose Fat & Build Lean Muscle

Our program is designed to help you tighten and tone your arms, back, legs and abs! You'll lose weight as you build beautiful, non-bulky muscle that looks and feels terrific! We'll help you sculpt a new you that is beach ready 3 months before summer even begins!

The Wellness Program Is All About You! We're Here To Make Sure You Succeed!

Register for the 10-Week New Years Wellness Program and you'll receive 5 personal training sessions from one of our certified personal trainers. You will be guided through five 60-minute high-intensity workouts. We'll teach you the best exercises to do to target your problem areas. If you're new to the whole "gym experience," we'll show you step-by-step how the machines work, how to operate the cardio equipment, how to use free weights and more!

5 Personal Training Sessions Included

Fun & Exciting Group Training Sessions To Keep You Motivated!

Our Group Training sessions are fast paced and a whole lot of fun! Get the heart rate up with a fast paced, high-energy circuit training class with your fellow participants.

Watch Your Body Transform!

Tracking your results for a full 10-Weeks is what makes the our Wellness Program so exciting! On Day 1 of the Wellness Program, we'll take your "Before" photo, we'll do your measurements and take your weight. Then we'll do it all over again on the final day of the Wellness Program. You're going to love what you see in your "After" photos!

Before & After Photos
Before & After Weight & Measurements
Reserve Your Position Today! First Come First Serve.

Registration is open to everyone (men, women, teens, children, old, young). Register online today and guarantee your spot in our upcoming 10-Week Wellness Program starting on September 12th. Space is limited, so we encourage you to signup right away.

You have 3 options:

Option #1
If you're a NEW or returning participant you can make a $125 deposit now to reserve your spot (with the remaining balance due by Saturday, September 5th).

Option #2
Pay your balance in full $300 (for NEW Participants).

Option #3
Pay your balance in full as a Returning Participant ($275).

*Please Note: There is a one-time additional charge of 3% added to all options to cover PayPal's transaction fee.

Deposit ($125)
*There is an additional one-time charge of $7 to cover PayPal's transaction fee.
Pay In Full ($300)
*There is an additional one-time charge of $9 to cover PayPal's transaction fee.
Returning Participant ($275)
*Save $25 if you are a recurring participant. (*There is an additional one-time charge of $9 to cover PayPal's transaction fee).
Pay Your Balance
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Frequently Asked Questions

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You can contact us at Steve@TrainingForLifeUSA.com or by visiting our Facebook page and sending us a message (Search: Training For Life USA).